Lawn Herbicides: are they safe for Your Pets?

Lawn Herbicides

Lawn Herbicides – Have you ever thought what is the effect of the herbicides on your lawn for your pet? Perhaps trying to get rid of weed is costing you more than what you bargained for.

A study shows that pesticides do not only harm plants and animals feeding on them, but they can also bring harm to your dog. Please read below before bringing in the spraying pump to your farm or backyard.

The Study on Herbicides for Dogs

Lawn Herbicides – A study published in July 2013 tested urine samples of 25 dogs whose owners had sprayed the lawn with herbicides. This was done to determine if the poison entered their system after they were applied.

Results showed that 19 out of 25 were positive for the chemicals studied. It is important to note here that 14 out of the 25 dogs tested had chemical in their system before the application.

The toxicity of these chemicals vary. For instance, there are some that might only cause some stomach irritation. On the other hand, other herbicides can be seriously harmful and even deadly to dogs.

Lawn Herbicides: Further study on Herbicides

Lawn Herbicides – Angus Murphy, from the University of Maryland in College Park, studies plants. He once observed that his neighbors would spray their lawns and let the dog romp about. The lawns had signs that warned that they had been sprayed.

As he noticed that dogs would run (dog run) and play over a still wet lawn, he decided to make a study to determine how much of this herbicide will come off the grass while wet and if whether it affects the dog.

He realized that some chemicals rub off for a different number of days. Others would keep rubbing off even after several days.

When Murphy and his team moved on to test the urine in the dogs, they obtained the results from above.

It is important then to take care of your pooches. If you need to spray your lawn, steer your dog clear off the lawn for certain days. You do not want him sick from harmful chemicals.

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