Novak Djokovic: His Love for His Pets Pierre and Tesla

Novak Djokovic

Winner of 15 grand slams and currently ranked No.1, Novak Djokovic is a dog lover just like you and us! This tennis star gives his canines the lush life they deserve.

A Little About Novak Djokovic

Even if you are not a tennis fan, you have probably heard about Djokovic. The No. 1 was born on May 22, 1987, in Serbia. He is married to Jelena and they have two kids: Stefan and Tara.

You can tell from his Instagram account that this is one guy that loves family time. His photos show his devotion to his family, including the two poodles that also share the home: Pierre and Tesla.

At age 31, Novak has accomplished a series of achievements that have placed him on top of the world. He currently lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco and is a speaker of the positive power of meditation.

A Little About Pierre and Tesla

Now, how about we go to the tow proud poodles?! We have been hearing about these two for a while now. Well, mostly Pierre as Tesla is a more recent addition.

Happy owners describe 10-year-old Pierre as a calm dog (dog walking). But even when that is a bit remarkable itself, there is more. This lovely and cuddly poodle has his own Instagram account. Yes, you guessed it, he probably has more followers than you.

Another of Pierre’s milestones is that he has even been featured in the Vogue magazine. He is gluten-free and even has a passport and all necessary documents to travel outside the country.

The brown poodle, 4-year-old Tesla is more out there. She loves walking with her owner in the evening as they exercise. When they are not walking with Novak and Jelena, the dogs are having fun with the kids at home.

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