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Rosemary Dogs

Rosemary Dogs, is it safe? What You Need to Know

Rosemary Dogs - Not only is Rosemary safe for your dog but it is actually good. It has the potential of a natural flea repellant. Besides that, it contains antioxidants that may prevent heart disease and cancer. These and some other added benefits…

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Renaissance dogs

Renaissance dogs: animals in Renaissance painting

Renaissance dogs: animals in Renaissance painting Renaissance dogs - during the Renaissance many artists represented several animals both for decorative and allegorical purposes. With the flourishing of the Renaissance, the human being and his ear…

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Four O'Clock

Four O’Clock: Poisoning problems it causes in Dogs

Mirabilis jalapa is a flowering plant known by one of its common names, Four O'clock. This plant grows in South and Central America as well as the Southwestern United States.  The flower is ornamental (pet poison) and the flowers usually open betw…

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