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Cat Anorexia

Cat Anorexia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cat Anorexia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Cat anorexia refers to the lack of interest for food and loss of appetite. There are two types of cat anorexia: true anorexia and pseudo-anorexia. True anorexia refers to a cat that does not want to eat…

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Rosemary Dogs

Rosemary Dogs, is it safe? What You Need to Know

Rosemary Dogs - Not only is Rosemary safe for your dog but it is actually good. It has the potential of a natural flea repellant. Besides that, it contains antioxidants that may prevent heart disease and cancer. These and some other added benefits…

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Lawn Herbicides

Lawn Herbicides: are they safe for Your Pets?

Lawn Herbicides - Have you ever thought what is the effect of the herbicides on your lawn for your pet? Perhaps trying to get rid of weed is costing you more than what you bargained for. A study shows that pesticides do not only harm plants and an…

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Thymus: a Great to Support a Healthy Immune System

Good nutrition is fundamental to a healthy immune system. Eating the proper nutrients in the proper amount goes a long way into strengthening the body's natural defenses. Thymus extract has been a proven way to boost the immune system. What about …

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puppy socialization

Puppy Socialization: why is it so important?

Puppy Socialization - There is a time in the life of a puppy when he is all about learning. This is when puppy socialization is pivotal in determining what is this dog going to be like, socially, when he becomes an adult. Even more important, this…

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Renaissance dogs

Renaissance dogs: animals in Renaissance painting

Renaissance dogs: animals in Renaissance painting Renaissance dogs - during the Renaissance many artists represented several animals both for decorative and allegorical purposes. With the flourishing of the Renaissance, the human being and his ear…

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leaving your dog alone

Leaving dog alone: read this before doing it!

Leaving your dog alone - You probably have to work the 9-to-5 and have no one to stay with your pooch all this time. Perhaps leaving your dog alone is the only option you have. Now, this does not mean that your pet is enjoying it. Have you ever wo…

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cat dehydration

Cat Dehydration: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Cat dehydration occurs when there is a rapid loss of water. An imbalance in the amount of water and electrolytes can have a serious effect, not only in cats but humans as well. Water is an essential liquid to cats, which rely on it for all its bio…

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Feeling Blue Lately?: Take a Look at a Smiling Dog

Feeling Blue Lately?: Take a Look at a Smiling Dog

Smiling Dog Smiling dog - Let´s be honest. Is there anything more effective at cheering you up than a smiling dog?  Ha! Probably not. Watching a dog grin at you is probably one of the funniest and cute events for dog owners. You hear them all the …

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Four O'Clock

Four O’Clock: Poisoning problems it causes in Dogs

Mirabilis jalapa is a flowering plant known by one of its common names, Four O'clock. This plant grows in South and Central America as well as the Southwestern United States.  The flower is ornamental (pet poison) and the flowers usually open betw…

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