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dogs barking

Dogs barking: what are they tring to say?

Dogs barking - Ah, if only dogs could talk! That would probably make our pet-owner interactions a lot easier. But as good owners, we are in the business of interpreting what our dog is trying to tell us in their own language (so you might want to …

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top 5 dogs

Top 5 Dogs: things they hate that People do

Top 5 Dogs - It is obvious that we humans and dogs speak different languages. What we think is actually cute could probably be annoying to your pet. Let's take a look at the top 5 things dogs hate that people do. Top 5 Dogs: Too many hugs! If we w…

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cat years

Cat years: convert them to human years easily

Cat years - We seem to know a lot about dog years and how to convert them to human years. For decades we have made calculations to know how old in human years a dog is. But what about cats? How do you convert cat years to human years? Cats certain…

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Dominant dog common signs

Dominant dog common signs: dog behavior

Dominant dog common signs: dog behavior Dominant dog common signs -  Some are born to follow and others are born to lead them. If you own a pet and it turns out he is a dominant dog, you shouldn't really be proud. The truth is that, in the pack th…

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Cat Pools

Cat Pools: Some Pool Safety Tips for Cats

Cat Pools: Some Pool Safety Tips for Cats Cat pools - Cats are not traditionally water lovers but some of them do enjoy a plunge and the freshness. Cat pools are not very common either but if you find yourself with a water critter, it is important…

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