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dog shock collar

Dog shock collar: important rules when using it

Dog shock collar - A dog shock collar is a device that sends some click and electric shock to a dog to signal something.  They are used to help train a dog (dog training).  It works with batteries and it is intended to give the dog a small shock w…

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lost hamster

Lost Hamster: how find your pet

Hamsters are cute, adorable, fluffy, fun to watch play, and small. This is where the problem begins, they are pretty small, meaning that they can easily get lost in the house. Finding them requires a series of techniques we will show you in this "…

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catnip: what is it and what it does to cats?

When cats detect catnip (it's effects on cats) they exhibit what could be described as an exotic behavior. Pretty much like when they are in heat, perhaps. They roll their heads and bodies on the herb, they salivate, roll around, and vocalize. Cat…

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orphaned kitten

Orphaned kitten: taking care and feeding him

Orphaned kitten - If a kitten is younger than four weeks old and has no mother, we consider him an orphan in need of orphaned kitten care (cat adopts homeless kitten). There are some basics that you need to know how to do properly in order to succ…

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dogs barking

Dogs barking: what are they tring to say?

Dogs barking - Ah, if only dogs could talk! That would probably make our pet-owner interactions a lot easier. But as good owners, we are in the business of interpreting what our dog is trying to tell us in their own language (so you might want to …

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top 5 dogs

Top 5 Dogs: things they hate that People do

Top 5 Dogs - It is obvious that we humans and dogs speak different languages. What we think is actually cute could probably be annoying to your pet. Let's take a look at the top 5 things dogs hate that people do. Top 5 Dogs: Too many hugs! If we w…

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cat years

Cat years: convert them to human years easily

Cat years - We seem to know a lot about dog years and how to convert them to human years. For decades we have made calculations to know how old in human years a dog is. But what about cats? How do you convert cat years to human years? Cats certain…

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cat pranks

Cat pranks: the funniest to play on your cat!

All right, we are not for playing your cat and traumatizing or scarring him for life. Like that dumb trend of placing a cucumber behind him. But if your siblings are not around to play with, you can play a cat prank on your feline friend. We have …

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Dominant dog common signs

Dominant dog common signs: dog behavior

Dominant dog common signs: dog behavior Dominant dog common signs -  Some are born to follow and others are born to lead them. If you own a pet and it turns out he is a dominant dog, you shouldn't really be proud. The truth is that, in the pack th…

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