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big cats

Big Cats: The Largest Domestic Felines

Big Cats: The Largest Domestic Felines Big Cats: The Largest Domestic Felines - If your mantra is "the bigger - the better", then you definitively want to take a look at this list of big cats. Now, we are not talking about the seven big cats, but …

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Cat Anorexia

Cat Anorexia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cat Anorexia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Cat anorexia refers to the lack of interest for food and loss of appetite. There are two types of cat anorexia: true anorexia and pseudo-anorexia. True anorexia refers to a cat that does not want to eat…

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Nerium oleander and its Effects on Dogs

So, we will start by saying that Nerium oleander is, in fact, poisonous to your dog. The also contain glycosides, which are harmful to dogs. Let's take a look at what this plant is about and its effects on your pets. What is Nerium oleander? Neriu…

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Dog Images

Dog Images Here, There, and Everywhere

Dog Images Here, There, and Everywhere - Because there are very few things that can make you either smile, cry, or go "aww" the way dog images do, let's take a look at some of them.  The great thing about dog images is that they are all candid sin…

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aggressive dog

Aggressive dog: 5 reasons that make your dog aggressive

Aggressive dog - When a dog shows aggressive he will bear his teeth, growl, lunge, and bark. If your dog shows this behavior, trying to control it can be frustrating as it is an episode where your dog seems to lose control. Check out five reasons …

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Cat daddy dance

Cat Daddy Dance: what are we talking about?

Cat Daddy Dance - Imagine if cats could dance. Well, probably some of them can.  But we want to believe that if we play this particular song to them, they would do the cat daddy dance.  Maybe they would need some assistance with it, though. What i…

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puppy socialization

Puppy Socialization: why is it so important?

Puppy Socialization - There is a time in the life of a puppy when he is all about learning. This is when puppy socialization is pivotal in determining what is this dog going to be like, socially, when he becomes an adult. Even more important, this…

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maine coon cats for sale

Maine Coon Cats for Sale: why do you want one?

Got some money for Maine Coon Cats for sale? - You are probably looking to adopt a Maine Coon cat.  Maybe you are looking for Maine Coon Cats for sale in a location near you.  Either way, we can help you out with that. But first, let's take a look…

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meat for dogs

Meat for dogs: is meat everything a dog need?

Meat for dogs: can I feed him meat only? Meat for dogs - There are a number of dog feeders who foolishly insist that meat is the one thing a pet should ever be fed. Meat alone is totally insufficient for a dog. The foremost deficiency in a eating …

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Why find dogs for sale if you can adopt?

Why find dogs for sale if you can adopt?

Dogs for sale So you are planning on getting yourself your new best friend. Many things cross your mind, obviously. You get advice from friends on the pros and cons. You have seen dogs for sale online as well as adoption center. Now, there is usua…

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