Droopy Dog

Droopy Dog: characteristics and personality

Droopy Dog If you remember Droopy, the anthropomorphic dog that had a droopy face, then your childhood was awesome. Droopy dog was created in 1943 by Tex Avery for Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. Let´s take a look at this character, part of the Golden age of…

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The Delicious Corn Dog

The Delicious Corn Dog: origin and preparation

The Delicious Corn Dog We do know why the corn dog is called that. Basically, this is a hot dog wrapped in a cornmeal batter. Why is the hot dog called that? Short story: they resemble the Dachshund, so it probably just went down to that. https://…

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Dog Pokémon Series

Dogs in the Pokémon Series: the most famous

Dogs in the Pokémon Series We gotta catch them all to pet them all! The Pokémon universe includes some members of the canine world. Today, we'll go over every dog Pokémon. Dog Pokémon: the most fam…

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