Quasimodo, Dog Borned Different, Is Loved Around The World


Quasimodo: A Dog Borned Different, Is Loved Around The World

It’s been a while since we first found out about Quasimodo, a very special dog with a very weird look. He is one of the only 15 dogs in the world born with a rare disorder called short spine syndrome.

He was found as a stray dog and taken in by Secondhand Hounds, an animal shelter in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The people that take care of him, spread his story through the Internet and quickly Quasimodo turned into an inspirational celebrity star. They also opened a Facebook page, which earned more than 50.000 followers in just a few days.

The story of Quasimodo

He was very shy and scared of humans at the beginning. But after he got to know a loving human named Rachel, his personality came out. These days he’s enjoying life running in the snow, playing with his friends, and chasing girl dogs! “He’s a true German Shepherd… just shorter,” the volunteer said.

“Quasimodo has nothing wrong with him. He’s just a little different than ‘normal’ dogs,” said Sara Anderson, coordinator of the shelter. “His body is compressed because of his condition, so all of his organs are crammed in his belly.”

He has to do some things differently from other dogs, like eating his food without bending down, but he’s now a happy, carefree pup who has found fans all over the world…. including us!

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