Cat sitting: Useful tips for a successful experience

cat sitting

Cat sitting

We love cats because they are gorgeous, mysterious, cunning, and pretty sweet. Cats come in a variety of personalities. Some like to make new friends and will approach you. Others will be too shy and prefer to run away from you. Cat sitting can be a pretty rewarding experience but also one that can make you a bit nervous.

If you have never taken care of cats before or are nervous about the whole idea, take a look at these useful tips that can save your life. It is important that you enjoy the experience and learn how to communicate with the cat you are sitting.

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Ignore Him

Don´t just go straight charging into a cat. You will only make him run away in fear. If this is your first time with the cat and he decides to walk away, ignore him. Allow him to get used to your voice, smell, and presence. When he decides that you are not a threat, he will approach you confidently, all by himself.

Come down to his level

One way fo making the cat feel more confident around you is if you make yourself smaller. So sit on the floor and wait for the cat to approach and sniff you. Cats are very confident of their sense of smell, so you should be fine.

The Gaze

While cat sitting, if you look directly into the eyes of a cat, it is a sign of threat. When you first look at him, close your eyes a little bit, blink softly, and then turn away.

Stay calm

Scary jumps or sudden jolts will only upset the cat and help him see you as a threat. Act calmly around the cat so that they can understand that you are not a threat. If he is in a different room, announce yourself before coming in.

Do not shout at him, even if he misbehaves. This will make him run away and not trust you, or even worse, retaliate.

Play with Him

All cats with no exception (at least not that we know of) enjoy playing around. This is a great way for exercising and not getting bored. It also builds confidence and, very importantly, it helps develop a bond with you.

Use toys when you do this. Don´t use your hands as he will interpret that these are “fair game” and will aim at biting and scratching them.

Don’t betray their trust

When a cat lays on his back he is not asking for a belly-rubbing. In fact, this is the ultimate sign of trust – if you rub his belly you are betraying that trust. Now, this does not mean that cats hate belly rubbing but they have to be super confident about whoever does. Just because they will let their owner rub their belly it does not mean they will allow you too.

We know that cat sitting is both a rewarding but sometimes a tense experience. But if you apply the tips above, you should be fine. Here in Dogalize we are interested in everything related to cats. We have everything you need to know about them and many resources to help you take better care of them.