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Some tips for training your dog

Some tips for training your dog | Dogalize A trained dog is a happy dog and a family with a trained dog is a happy family. I’ve taken all my dogs to classes with Ally Thomas at Southern Tails with great results. Below are some beginning dog traini…

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Four O'Clock

Four O’Clock: Poisoning problems it causes in Dogs

Mirabilis jalapa is a flowering plant known by one of its common names, Four O'clock. This plant grows in South and Central America as well as the Southwestern United States.  The flower is ornamental (pet poison) and the flowers usually open betw…

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Trimming dog nails

Trimming dog nails: Why is it Necessary and How to Do It

Trimming dog nails - When it comes to trimming dog nails, it is not a favorite time for both the pup and the owner. Dogs do not like to have their feet touched, so this might be a stressful situation for both of you (Why do dogs bite their Nails?)…

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dog shock collar

Dog shock collar: important rules when using it

Dog shock collar - A dog shock collar is a device that sends some click and electric shock to a dog to signal something.  They are used to help train a dog (dog training).  It works with batteries and it is intended to give the dog a small shock w…

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