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Renaissance dogs

Renaissance dogs: animals in Renaissance painting

Renaissance dogs: animals in Renaissance painting Renaissance dogs - during the Renaissance many artists represented several animals both for decorative and allegorical purposes. With the flourishing of the Renaissance, the human being and his ear…

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maria sharapova dog

Maria Sharapova dog: her passion for pets

Maria Sharapova dog - Maria Sharapova, the beautiful Russian tennis player also has the love required for dogs. This athlete, who is currently ranked #29 is presently competing at the St. Petersburg Open. We know about her sweet and cute Pomerania…

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Andy Murray's dogs

Andy Murray’s dogs: Misses His Dogs When He is Away

Andy Murray's dogs - Andy murray is a professional tennis player who just has a thing for dogs. He shares everything with them, medals included. You can tell from Instagram that they share a connection. Andy Murray's dogs - A Short Bio of Andy Mur…

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horsetail herb

Horsetail herb: what are its Benefits to Dogs and Cats

Horsetail herb - Horsetail herb, scientific name Equisetum arvense, is a perennial herb with large amounts of silica. For hundreds of years, this plant has been used to treat inflammation, like Devil's Claws, and has also been used as a diuretic a…

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