Dogalize Ethical Shop


Shop with Dogalize: 20% of each purchase will be donated to Animal Shelters in difficulty

Let’s help them effectively ensuring them healthcare and food!

Dogalize has always been close to the Associations that fight to help needy dogs, and that’s why we have dedicated an Ethical Shop to help shelters and non-profit needy organizations.

Shop on Dogalize, you will help needy dogs, guests of Italian and International Shelters or Kennels.

For every purchase, 20% of the amount will be donated to the Association of your choice.

Shopping is better if it is ethical!

 Are you an NGO? Do you want to join the initiative?

Do you know an NGO who could be interested? Share our initiative!

Here are the NGO who joined:

ENPA (Pistoia section) – ENPAPIST15

Lega nazionale difesa del cane (Segrate section) – LNDCMI

OIPA (Mantova section) – OIPAMANTOVA

ENPA (Valle D’Aniene section) – ENPAFIDO


Dogalize Ethical Shop

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