Dogalize initiative: Donate a meal with a click

Dogalize initiative: Donate a meal with a click

Donate a meal with a click…it has never been that easy!

Donate a meal with a click” is the initiative through which Dogalize gives a meal to a needy dog in a Shelter for each subscriber to the website

It’s easy: you sign in for free on, and Dogalize donates the meal to the Shelter, to help dogs.

All together, we adopt at distance one dog hosted by the Refuge, Shelter or Kennel that has decided to participate into the initiative.

The initiative of Dogalize “Donate a meal with a click” lasts for 24 hours starting from the publication of the Facebook page Dogalize. It will end after one day and/or at the achievement of 365 new users who register on through their Facebook profile.

Share the initiative with your contacts, friends, family…whoever!

A simple click can make the difference: each new registration will become a daily meal. The web is virtual, but you, with your actions, are real, and you can do so much: you can make the difference.

Now donating a meal to a dog in a shelter by signing on Dogalize with your Facebook profile or your email it’s even more simple, and for this reason more effective than ever.

If it’s real that there is strength in numbers… with your help, we can do even more!

The initiative “Donate a meal with a click” will be repeated twice a month.

Are you a NGO? Do you want to join the initiative?

Do you know a NGO who could be interested? Share our initiative!

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