Italian dog goes to Church everyday, honoring his owner

Italian dog goes to Church everyday, honoring his owner

Italian dog goes to Church everyday

This is the story of Ciccio, a 12-years-old German Shepherd from Italy, who attends church services daily. He is not a fervent Catholic, the reason why the dog goes to church so often is he looks for his owner, Maria Margherita Lochi.

Since the lady rescued the dog in 2011, the two of them frequented church services together and when she died, in 2013, Ciccio carried on with the habit and has yet to understand his loving owner is not coming back.

The dog goes to church when bells ring

The loyal dog now lives with the others members of the family, but every day, when the church bells ring, Ciccio runs to the church, sits by the altar and hopes to meet his owner, Maria Marcgherita Lochi again.

Father of the church says the dog has always been well mannered. He sits in silence and never interrupts the services. This is why he has never felt the need to kick him out.

Ciccio will not see his owner again, but at least he honors her every day by going to church like they used to do before and gave all of us a great example of loyalty and affection.

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