Cat grooming: what you need to know about it

Cat grooming: what you need to know about it

Cat grooming

Cat grooming is an essential part of the life of your friend. So much that he will spend 30 to 50 percent of his waking time grooming himself. In fact, you probably notice that every time you turn, he is very likely to be grooming himself. Besides making him look good and presentable, there are some health benefits associated with grooming. Regular grooming helps smoothen down fur, helps stimulate circulation, and improves tone, among other things.

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The reason for cat grooming

It is important that you learn why cat grooming is so important. We have already mentioned some of the benefits. It maintains a healthy skin through the stimulation of the production of sebum. When licking themselves, cats spread this sebum on the fur to help lubricate and waterproof it.

It is also effective at removing loose hair and preventing matting. Dirt and cat fleas are removed through grooming as well. Cats cannot sweat but still need to cool off. Dogs do it through their tongue, but not cats. Instead, the saliva they have placed on their skin evaporates, leaving a nice cooling effect behind, this is, on the cat’s skin.

Helping with cat grooming

Although cats are sufficient when it comes to grooming and they are doing just fine, doing it for or with him is important to strengthen the bond between yourselves. It is important that you get involved in his grooming at a very early age. Make it part of a regular routine so that they don’t scaredly run away.

You will need a certain type of brush depending on your cat’s hair length. For short-haired cats use a fine-toothed metal comb and gently brush your cat’s hair in the direction it naturally grows.

For a long-haired cat, groom every day with a steel comb. Get rid of any knots with a pair of scissors. Be very careful here since you can easily cut through his skin.

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