Loki, the most famous dog in the world


Loki, the most famous dog in the world | Dogalize

The most famous Canadian dog in social networks and known for his funny videos on YouTube, his droll pictures on Instagram and comic postings on Facebook, died after suffering a kidney disease.

Born in Oklahoma, he moved to Vancouver (Canada) when he was a puppy. Loki was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease over a year ago and, as explained by his owners, since then was in treatment. Last week he was transferred to an emergency clinic where he received dialysis.

Due to the high cost of treatment, the owners were forced to seek help from his followers, which were very supportive and gathered nearly $ 35,000.

Loki did not survive the disease and left. Their owners wrote an emotional message in their social networks.

“Loki is in a better place now, away from the disease and away from the pain, we will miss him forever.”

In social networks Loki was defined as a “normal dog who liked to have fun and play tricks on human beings.” He was fond of long walks on the beach, liked to play ball, take a nap and eat.

We’ll miss you friend.

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