Dog breeds: the Norwich Terrier dog characteristics

The Norwich Terrier dog was originally bred to be a ratter in farms. Then he helped hunt fox. Today, he is a great companion and loving dog.

The Norwich Terrier dog was originally bred to be a ratter in farms.  With time, he moved on to helping hunt foxes by drawing them out of their burrows.  Today, he is a great companion that keeps your house and yard free of rats and other vermin.


This breed is original from England and it is the result of the contribution of many other breeds, including the Irish Terrier.  The breed is relatively young and standards for the breed had not been written even when it had existed for many years. The Norfolk Terrier was considered a drop-ear variety of the Norwich Terrier dog.  The British Kennel Club separated these two into different breeds until 1964.

In 1979, the AKC followed by also separating them into two distinct breeds.  The AKC had already, though, officially recognized the breed in 1936.

Physical characteristics

These are one of the smallest of the Terrier family.  For both males and females, they stand at 10 inches and weigh around 12 pounds.  His build is stocky and he should not ever look overweight.

He sports prick ears and a double coat that can come in tan, black, wheaten, red, grizzle and black and tan.


This dog loves everyone and will get along with everyone in the house, including other pets.  He has an affectionate nature. He is very intelligent and always alert, which makes him a good watchdog as he will bark at anything that moves.

This dog is very active and enjoys playing with a ball. He also loves to play a fun game with those he loves.  He is also people-oriented and will fit in with you perfectly.

Caring for a Norwich Terrier Dog

This is a working dog so make sure he always has something to do.  Remember that these are people dogs, so don´t lock him up in a crate for too long and keep him indoors.  This is a Terrier and, therefore, has a lot of energy to spend.  You need to take him on daily walks.  Give him at least one hour of walking and any other activity.  He can live in an apartment, but make sure you train him out of barking.


The Norwich Terrier dog is an intelligent dog with a mind of his own.  However, he should not be difficult to train if you become a consistent trainer.

Fun Facts

  • This dog is a fearless hunter of vermin.
  • Unlike other Terriers, his ears are pricked.
  • They were once known as Cantab Terriers and hard workers in the farm and fun and loving family pets.
  • This is a rare breed so if you want one, you must check your bank account.

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