Cat Base: The fantastic Battle Cat Series

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Cat Base

If you are familiar with The Battle Cats mobile game, then you know what a cat base is. Since we love everything related to cats, let´s take a look at the game and what the cat bases are all about.

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The game

Let’s start by pointing out some details about the game.  The Battle Cats is a strategy tower defense game developed for iOS and Android.  It premiered on iOS in November 2011 and in Android in December that year.

Basically, the game is about cats fighting across the earth.  The cats are the main characters here and, since it is a strategy game, players have to set a wider roster of cats to have better chances of winning.

What is a cat base?

The game, as of version 6.0, is made up 4 cat bases.  Each cat base needs to be unlocked by performing three upgrades.  Next, there are 9 upgrades in every base to go from levels 1 through 10.

There are 4 cat bases with 12 stages in each one.  These 4 cat bases are:

  • The Regular Base
  • The Slow Base
  • The Metal Base
  • The Freeze Base

Once again, to unlock a cat base, you need three upgrades.  In turn, to get an upgrade you require three things:

  • Depending on enemy types, you will need several materials.  These materials can be 3 or 4 and they get more expensive the more you advance in the game.
  • Building assistants from Gamatoto.
  • Time, you will need a lot of it.  But things can be sped up with Catamins and Energy Glitch.

Cat Base Mini

This one here is actually a Super Rare Cat that can be unlocked playing the Rare Cat Capsule.  At level 10, it evolves into Cat Base Jr.  In his normal attack, his wave attack is a very loud yelling.  In evolved form, he waves fire when he gets too excited.

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