Want to adopt military dogs? Here’s how.

Want to adopt military dogs? Here's how.

Adopt military dogs

What is it that we all want once we retire? Peace, comfort, and a nice place to spend time. Is that too much to ask for a dog who has served his country? This is why we encourage you to adopt military dogs.

Most military dogs end up with their handlers once they retire. In the United States, there was a time in which these dogs were euthanized. But thanks to Bill H.R. 5314, also known as “Robby’s Law,” dogs are no longer put to sleep but are instead put to adoption, waiting to spend their last days in comfort.

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Military Working Dogs

Adopt military dogs to provide them with the company of a loving family. Please take note of the fact that most of these dogs, technically known as military working dogs (MWD), are within the age of 10-12 years.

Also, consider that these dogs are highly trained so they are all well-behaved and with a strong desire to please their owners. In most military bases, before being put to adoption, MWDs undergo a behavioral test and an adoption test to ensure that they will not be food aggressive or attack and bite small children.

Requirements if you Adopt Military Dogs

The military usually has to observe that their MWDs will get the retirement they deserve. This is why they pay special attention to the families they approve for adoption. If you are a family, the following are some requirements to adopt military dogs:

  • The family must visit and be interviewed by the military to ensure that they will provide proper care. You will also have to answer questions regarding other pets in the household;
  • You should be willing to travel to the military base to get the dog;
  • The family must not have small children in most cases. The majority of military dogs are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and other big breeds. Unfortunately, these dogs have not been necessarily socialized with little children.

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