Get Your Friend a Nice Cat Condo: benefits and uses

Get Your Friend a Nice Cat Condo

Cat Condo

To show your love to your loving friend, it is a great idea to get him a nice cat condo. The name is pretty fitting since it is a small house inside your house. It provides your cat a private spot where he can go and all he loves and just get on top of the cat tree to inspect the house.

You can find them at many stores and pet shops. You can even get one online if you prefer to get more variety in color and design. When going online, cat condo can also refer to cat trees, cat gym, or cat furniture. They are all basically the same thing.

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Why a Cat Condo

The following are some reasons why an indoor cat needs furniture of their own:

  • Napping.  Cats sleep a total of 16 hours per day. It is in the best interest of your cat and your own to have a warm and quiet place for him to do so instead of being around the noise.
  • Scratching.  In order to shed old claws, a cat will scratch. They do it all the time so make sure your cat condo has a scratching post.
  • Climbing.  Your cat’s ancestors needed to jump, hide, and prey in order to survive.  Your cat at home still preserves this instinct.

Benefits of a Cat Condo

The benefits of a nice cat condo not only go for your cat but for you as well:

It provides their own space

Cat are territorial. When you provide their own space where they can romp and climb and call home, they will be pretty happy.

A cat condo promotes exercise

Indoor cats need daily exercise, pretty much like any other pet. A cat condo provides an indoor opportunity for them to jump, climb, walk, and do all the exercise they need.

Your own furniture is safe from scratching

When your cat has his own pole to go scratch at, he will no longer show interest in jumping and scratching your expensive sofa.

No more floor mess

When cats move all around the house, you are more likely to find cat hair and, worse, pee or poop. Providing them with their own space will save you cleaning time.

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