Dog Run: Building the best Dog Run for your Pet

Dog Run: Building the best Dog Run for your Pet

Dog Run

Dogs are descended from wolves which run freely in the wild. Their instinct tells them that they can freely run around in the neighborhood. But then, that is not going to happen. Your dog would love to run freely without that pesky dog leash. But it is dangerous to himself and to other people. Solution: Build him a dog run.

Simply put, a dog run is a space in a backyard where dogs are enclosed within a fence and they can run freely under the supervision of their owner. If you do not exercise your pet properly, he will become bored and destructive.

Build your pet a dog run for him to be able to be, well, a dog. Your dog will love you for it.

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Why Build a Dog Run?

Dogs need to freely express their power and act like dogs. They need constant exercise.  Many dog breeds are susceptible to developing obesity if they are not exercised enough.  If your house does not have a sturdy fence, then you should consider building them a dog run.

On the other hand, you cannot let your dog run free in the neighborhood. Many things could happen, like your pooch getting picked up, or maybe he could get lost, or get hit by a car.

How to Build it

This is the time where we need to get our hands dirty. Now, of course, you can just go online or to the pet store and get yourself one. But then, what is the fun in that, right?

  1. Pick a space in your yard that has at least a small section of shadow during the summer and is free from poisonous plants.
  2. Decide what the area of your run will be. Bigger dogs require a lot more space to romp around and even sprint.
  3. Use a shovel to dig holes for the fence posts. If you are using the standard 5-ft tall fence, it is recommended that you dig 2 feet holes.
  4. Place the posts and add cement for extra hold.
  5. Attach the side walls and nail them.
  6. Make sure the fence is sturdy enough and your dog cannot open it easily.

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