Tapeworms in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Tapeworms in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Tapeworms in Dogs

Tapeworms in dogs sounds like a horrible deal but the truth is that they can easily be treated and they usually cause no much harm. They normally don’t cause any serious problem and can be treated easily.

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Causes of Tapeworms in Dogs

Actually, there are several types of tapeworms, but the most common is the one that dogs get from eating a flee. The parasite inside the larva can develop and become a full host in her body. Tapeworms are pretty flat white worms that feed on their host. They have the ability to cling to your dog’s intestines, just waiting for more food to come.


In some cases, if a dog gets infected, they will act irritatingly. This is because there is an invader in his body. Other symptoms incude:

  • Scooting
  • They drag their belly across from the floor.
  • Licking their behinds a lot.

Treatment Against the Tapeworm in Dogs

In most cases, the dog is assigned a veterinarian who will evaulate his current condition.  There are usually some self-prescription drugs to deal with the symptoms. These drugs can be given in tablets or injections. This drug dissolves the worms, so you will not have to see them when they exit your dog.

Prevention of the tapeworms in dogs

Just like with any other condition, tapeworms infection can be prevented. Follow these simple step to keep tapewoms in dog at bay.

  • Control the invasion of fleas in your house. You should know that fleas are probably the maojor responsibles for the disease.
  • Plan a deworming regime with your veterinarian.
  • Keep the dog clean and always lean up after your pet.
  • Be extra careful when your dog is roaming around as they can pick up worms from an unkown yard.

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