Dogs barking: what are they tring to say?

dogs barking

Dogs barking – Ah, if only dogs could talk! That would probably make our pet-owner interactions a lot easier. But as good owners, we are in the business of interpreting what our dog is trying to tell us in their own language (so you might want to avoid no bark collar). So, what are dogs trying to say when they bark?

We will explore each and every sound and try to interpret what each one of them means. Specifically, with barking, we can identify three main different factors to try to translate what are dogs trying to say when they bark.

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Dogs barking: The length of the bark

The length of the bark tells us how serious they are about what they are trying to say. In other words, the longer the duration of the bark, the more likely a dog is to take the next step. For instance, establishing dominance will require a low-pitch and extended bark.

Dogs barking: The pitch of the bark

Pitch is a range that goes from happy to serious. In general, the higher the pitch, the happier your dog is. Which is why you hear this pitch when your dog receives you at the end of the day.

The opposite is also true, as a growl is low-pitched and means that the dog is either threatened or not happy at all.

Dogs barking: The frequency of a bark

How often your dog barks is an indication of how urgent he is about a particular matter. If he barks very frequently, he is trying to urgently call your attention towards something that causes them excitement or is a potential hazard.

Dogs barking: Other sounds

Once you figure what are dogs trying to say when they bark, you can also tap into other types of vocalizations. These include:

  • Howling could mean loneliness, to keep away, or “follow my voice”.
  • Whining to indicate sadness or that they need your attention.
  • Growling when they are irritated or uncomfortable.

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