How to find a lost dog: close research and outside research

How to find a lost dog

How to find a lost dog

Hopefully, you do not have a lost dog at the moment. Dogs tend to be escapist, especially certain breeds that need rather high fences. Some breeds, like hounds, can get easily blindly follow a trail. By the time they realize they have gone too far, they cannot find their way home.

A dog with a collar alone in the street is a threat to himself and to others. It goes without saying that he could also be a victim of theft. God forbid this ever happens to your dog, but if you were ever to have a lost dog, you should be prepared.

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Close search

Look around the house

Ask a family member if they have spotted the dog or when was the last time they saw him. It could be hiding in one of their rooms or maybe somebody took him for a walk. Scourge every corner of your house, even in unlikely places. Don’t forget to look under beds and furniture.

Use food

Your dog knows the sound of food clanking against the bowl. Use this to try to lure him.Move around the house while you are shaking the bowl with food in it. If his regular food does not work, try with a delicious different snack.

Outside search

Be timely

Experts have found that 90% of dogs that are sought for within the first 12 hours of going missing are found. So, begin your search as soon as you notice that your dog is missing.  Have everybody else in the household stop doing what they are doing and begin searching. If you had any plans, suspend them. This is the life of your pooch we are talking about.

Advertise your dog missing

Paste ads on poles and walls (where allowed) and on the newspaper. Don’t skimp on the reward for information on getting your dog back. Make sure you use the clearest picture of your lost dog you have. If you do not have a picture of your dog yet, make sure you get one.

Visit local shelters

Visit all local shelters in your community. They will assure you they will notify you as soon as any dog with your description comes in. But don’t take their word for it as they are usually very busy and it is hard for them to live up to their word. Visit them as often as you can to check for your pet.

Having a lost dog is something we do not wish anyone to go through. In Dogalize, we have everything you need to take the best care of your pet. Visit us and take advantage of all the information and resources we have for you.