What is a Mountain Dog and Which are the Best

What is a Mountain Dog and Which are the Best

Mountain Dog

The name pretty much suggests what a mountain dog is about.  But we will take a closer look at some of the characteristics of these large and majestic dogs. This might help you a little more to decide whether any of these dog breeds is appropriate for you.

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Characteristics of a Mountain Dog

Before we get down to checking out the top mountain dogs, it is important to discuss their general characteristics. Within these group of landraces, there are some important traits that set them apart from the rest of dog types.

These dogs are mostly original from the mountainous regions of Eurasia. Due to their size and versatility, they are often working dogs and have multiple tasks such as taking care of the flock and other farm duties.

A mountain dog is usually loyal, affectionate, and gets along pretty well with all the members of the family. They are not necessarily the feisty ones but rather have a temper that is more like an old wise one.

The Best Mountain Dog to Own

Now we can land into selecting our best mountain dog breeds. So, just in case you want to migrate to the mountains and have an early retirement, these are the pooches you should get yourself. These guys will make your stay cozier, not to mention easier.

  • St. Bernardthis great watchdog is credited with saving over 2500 lives of people lost in the snow.  The St. Bernard was named after Hospice du Grand St. Bernard in Switzerland, where monks had been breeding them since the 17th century. This pooch is gentle and gets along well with kids;
  • The Great Pyrenees: dignified and calm dog. He is able to perceive danger, hence he is trustworthy when it comes to approaching a stranger;
  • Bernese Mountain Dogout of the four Swiss Mountain dog, the Bernese is the only one with a long coat. So, when it comes to trust and devotion, there is no other like the Bernese;
  • Siberian Huskythese dogs have great stamina. For many years, they were used to haul sleds and herd reindeer. They are capable of running long distances on little food;
  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog:  one of the four members of the Swiss Sennenhunde, he is pretty versatile and a hard worker;
  • Tibetan Mastiffthe most expensive dog in the world! He is originally from the Himalayas. Due to his versatile use, not a single one can be seen outside those mountains in Tibet;
  • Labradorthese guys might not look like but they are pretty good at winter.  They are strong and playful.