Orphaned kitten: taking care and feeding him

orphaned kitten

Orphaned kitten – If a kitten is younger than four weeks old and has no mother, we consider him an orphan in need of orphaned kitten care (cat adopts homeless kitten). There are some basics that you need to know how to do properly in order to successfully bring up this kitten.

Just like you would do with human babies, orphaned kitten care involves providing a warm house with plenty of food and water. These kittens need to be fed with a bottle until they are ready to go for gruel and solid food later.

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Orphaned kitten: care for warmth

Orphaned kitten –Perhaps the most important thing to go for is to keep the kitten warm. A kitten that is cold loses its ability to physiologically function properly and this could even affect his growth. A dog crate or a kennel will work fine to keep this tiny fury safe and warm. Very importantly, it also allows the monitoring of temperature.

Experts agree that a kitten should always be kept toasty warm. If a kitten feels cold to touch, then he is too cold. But then also cranking it too hot might cause him breathing problems.

Orphaned kitten: Feeding

Orphaned kitten – Until they are about four weeks old, kittens should be fed formula with a bottle. This is about the age at which they begin to wean. All supplies for proper feeding, including the formula, can be found at a pet store.

Make sure you follow the instructions of preparation carefully. As you probably figured, there is some prior preparation for feeding an orphaned kitten. The first step is to actually weight the kitten so that you do not overfeed him.

You should also know your kitten’s stomach capacity to guide yourself with the number of daily takes. Make sure you get a rubber nipple that is not too long as to risk aspiration of the formula. Very importantly, the kitten must be upright with his belly down and not on his back like a human baby.

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