Cat night: why does he wake me up while i sleep?

cat night

Cat night – So, you are wide asleep, al comfy and warm. Then, in the middle of the night, you feel a presence (cat sleep next to me). It is your cat looming in your room and on your bed. As soon as you open an eye, her cute face is right there and her paw is on your nose. It’s the middle of the night and you wonder, why does my cat wake me up at night?

Let’s explore five reasons why your cat might be doing that.

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Cat night: Your cat is bored

Cat night – This is an important reason to answer, “why does my cat wake me up at night.” If your cat spends a lot of time alone during the day, he probably gets a lot of sleep during the day. By the time night strikes, he is fully energized and ready to play.

Even when you come late from work, find some time to entertain your cat. It could even be a toy to play with while you are sitting down. Find ways for your cat to unwind before your sleep time comes.

Cat night: Your cat is sick

Cat night – A medical condition inhibiting his sleep could also be a cause for your cat to stay up at night. Very commonly, these conditions may include hyperthyroidism, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

Be aware of this if it is not your cat’s normal behavior. If you notice that your cat displays other symptoms, take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Cat night: You feed him right after you wake up

Cat night – If you feed your cat while you are half-awake, then he is invoking this ritual by waking you up. Instead of getting up to feed him, get up to your morning activities. Do not prioritize attention to him on your morning rituals.

Cat night: He wants attention

Cat night – Just like a little kid, your cat wants attention, even if it is of the negative type.  A cat will claim attention even if it just a shooing away from you. But this response is not the correct way. Your silence will better train her in not repeating the action.

Cat night: You have trained her wrong

Cat night – Cats are definitely nice to cuddle with. But if when she was a kitten you got her used to respond to her wake-up calls, then you helped perpetuate bad habits on her. In other words, you taught her that her midnight calls will always get a response.

But even bad habits can be reversed. Next time she comes up in the middle of the night, just roll over and stay put. She will get tired of your lack of response and simply lose interest.

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