Wireless Dog Fence: What is it? How does it work?

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Wireless Dog Fence

As loving pet owners, we are willing to do everything in our abilities to keep Fido safe and healthy.  This includes boundaries that he can abide for.  This brings us to the concept behind a wireless dog fence.  Because nothing is more confusing to a dog that not knowing his boundaries or limitations.

Today, we will mention a containment system that has become pretty popular in recent years.  It comes in a variety of brands and styles but they all have one purpose, to protect your dog.  But do you know everything there is to know about it?  Let´s take a look.

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What is a wireless dog fence?

Even though the name suggests it, a wireless dog fence is not a physical fence.  Nor it is an invisible force field that your dog will hit every time he tries to go through it.

The fence is actually a transmitter that you plug somewhere in your house.  Your dog has a collar containing a receiver.  The transmitter emits a radio frequency around the point where it was placed.   The receiver in your dog´s collar receives that radio frequency whenever he reaches the boundary where the radio signal is picked up.

How does it work?

So once you have set up your transmitter in your house, once you plug it in, it begins to emit a radio frequency.  On the transmitter, you decide what the radius is going to be.  It will merely depend on how large you want your dog´s perimeter to be.

Whenever the dog tries to go further than his boundary, there is an audible warning tone.  This is followed by a gentle static shock that reminds the dog that he must not cross his boundaries.

The truth is that it is easy to pick up by dogs and this tool can be also used to train them.

Training your dog for a wireless dog fence

It is imperative that you train your dog to respect his boundaries.  There are many breeds of dogs, and they will act differently to a collar with a transmitter.  But training is fundamental, especially those small dogs that are good at sneaking around.

Some breeds of dogs will not mind getting a mild shock and go on with their paths towards getting lost.  Training them helps keep them from crossing the boundary even if they don´t mind the electric shock.

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