Some ideas for Cat Silhouette to carry your friend with you

Some ideas for Cat Silhouette

Some ideas for Cat Silhouette

As cat lovers, we would love to carry them everywhere. Now, that would be a problem, wouldn´t it? Just imagine all the fuss and trouble the little guy would get into. But a cat silhouette is still a nice detail to carry with you. It will let people know how fond you are of your feline companion.

Place a cat silhouette everywhere as a sticker

The most common places to place stickers are school notebooks. This is a perfect place to put a nice cat silhouette sticker to decorate.

Do you have a cat at home that likes to “help” with the computer? Place a sticker there, just to remember her while you are the school’s library (Can´t take here there, remember?).

Wherever you place them, the great thing about them is that they are simple, yet awesome. A chic cat silhouette sticker goes well everywhere you place it. These stickers are beautifully simple, all black, and will show all your affection for cats.

Weave it to your clothes

Another great place to put your cat is on your clothes. Place it on your favorite white top or T-shirt. You could weave a cat silhouette on your pants, right there next to the front pocket. It will really help your feline style. Now, don´t overdo it, as in placing the cat in every single piece. All fashion designers will agree that too much of a thing can get tiring.

A pretty cool tattoo

Now, this is for those who are seriously obsessed with their cats. The most common place to place a simple cat tattoo would be on the legs, right there over the ankle. You could also have it on your back; a small simple tat on the back.

A silhouette tattoo on your arm can help you remember that cat that you had to let go.  Either way, we believe that a cat tattoo is both nice and cute.

Other accessories

The silhouette of the cat can also be found in many accessories. Earrings, key chains, knives, purses, etc. You can find them anywhere. If you search in online stores, you will find one for sure.

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