Dog coughing: typs of dog coughing and causes

Dog coughing: typs of dog coughing and causes

 Dog Coughing

A dog coughing every now and then is a normal occurrence. He will also sneeze from time to time – four to six time per second sometimes, actually.  But if a dog cough is persistent and your pup does not seem to stop, then you have a medical patient.

Why do Dogs Cough?

Just like we humans, dogs get rid of dust, particles, and germs that land from the air. Coughing and sneezing then become a mechanism to get rid of unwanted invaders. But sometimes your dog might come in contact with germs or parasites that he cannot get rid of. As a consequence of this, they can get infected with viruses or bacteria.

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Common Causes of a Dog Coughing

The most common causes of dog coughing are:

  • Kennel Cough: this is a highly contagious disease caused by a bacterium or viruses.
  • Lung Issues: your dog could be coughing due to a pulmonary issue;
  • Sore throat: the airways might be irritated or partially blocked;
  • Tracheal Collapse: this is more common in toy dogs and obese ones;
  • Heart disease: when the heart is not functioning properly, fluid may start to accumulate in the lungs;
  • Fungal infections;
  • Heartworms: these ones are spread by mosquitoes;
  • Distemper.

Types of Dog Cough

Depending on the issue affecting your dog, he will make several noises. It is important that you are able to describe the sound made by your dog when he coughs as this is valuable information for your veterinarian.

You can describe a dog cough as:

  • High-pitched and makes your dog gag.
  • Deep, dry, and hacking.
  • Deep and honking.
  • Moist and phlegmy.


Coughing in dogs is treatable and generally not a terrible condition. The veterinarian has to know what is causing the coughing before prescribing medication. Your vet will perform a physical exam and listen to your dog’s heart and lungs.

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