Cat litter box: how to choose the best one

cat litter box

How to choose the best cat litter box

If this is your first cat, you are probably gleaming with excitement at your new pet. You have everything ready to give your cat a prime life at home. The cat litter box is probably one of the most important artifacts that you should have at home with a cat.  Choosing the perfect one is essential for the happiness of your cat.

There is no perfect cat litter box but we can come close. Please consider the following factors when choosing your cat’s place of peace.

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Size of the cat litter box

Many would go for a small cat litter box to save some space. Plus, a perfect litter box would be almost invisible, right?  Wrong!  In fact, experts recommend getting a box that is slightly larger than the cat.

Just make sure that the cat has walls low enough for your cat to enter and exit easily. A larger box also minimizes the chance of a cat with bad-aim spreading his feces all over the place.

Material and color

The best material to choose for a cat litter box is definitively plastic. This is pretty durable and easy to clean.  This box will hold up for a very long time.

As with color, cats don’t seem to mind about this so take this as an opportunity to blend the box with the surroundings. There are varied colors for you to purchase, so you can get creative here!

Easy to clean

We already explained that plastic litter boxes are a lot easier to clean. Some boxes include a built-in cleaning mechanism, both manual and automatic, to make waste removal a breeze. These type of boxes are hygienic since handling is minimized.

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