Japanese dog breeds you will love: let’s discover six of them

Japanese dog breeds you will love: let's discover six of them

Japanese dog breeds 

Can you name at least six Japanese dog breeds? Don’t feel bad if you are a dog lover and can’t name even a few. Most of the Japanese dog breeds are not found or seen anywhere else but Japan  Some Japanese canines were smuggled to the US during World War II. There is a dog breed that was only refined in Japan but is actually original from Korea or China. Definitively, the two most popular Japanese dog breeds are the Akita and the Shiba Inu. But check out this list of six Japanese dogs.

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Shiba Inu

This breed of dog originated probably 3,000 years ago. The name Shiba Inu means brushwood in Japanese. This is a hunting dog initially developed to hunt small birds and small game.

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Razas de Perros: Shiba Inu caracteristicas y cuidados


The Akita shares ancestry with other dogs and is therefore classified as a Spitz. He is a very popular pet thanks to his lush double coat and affection for his family. If you are planning to get one, do consider that he can grow to weight around 100 lb. This dog was smuggled into the United States during WWII, where it became a favorite of American servicemen.

Dog breeds: Akita temperament and personality

Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz club states that this dog is alert, inquisitive, and a people pleaser. He definitively makes for a great family pet.

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The Kishu is of pure Japanese ancestry. He was bred to hunt deer and boar. The dog, who gets his name from the place he is from, is white in its majority.

Razze cani: Kishu Inu, carattere e caratteristiche


This dog was mainly used as a hunting dog. Some say that he is not as independent as other similar dogs. He is one of the six, native, Japanese spitz-type dogs.

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Razas de Perros: perro Shikoku Inu cracteristicas y cuidados

Kai Ken

The Kai Ken is alert, intelligent, and both agile and a guardian by nature. He makes a great family pet but, according to the North American Kai Association, not guarding this dog properly will cause him to go back to the wild.

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Razze cani: il cane Kai, carattere e caratteristiche

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