World’s Best Cat Litter: is this really the best cat litter?

Best Cat Litter: is this really the World's Best Cat Litter?

World’s Best Cat Litter

Once you realize that World’s Best Cat Litter is actually the name of a product, you will probably think it is a bit of a presumption. Let’s take a look at the product and at the characteristics that, creators say, makes it the best cat litter in the world.

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The main difference

Probably one of the things you will notice about the brand is that it prides itself on using corn as the main ingredient, instead of the conventional sand. Now, the World’s Best Cat Litter is not the first nor the only product to use corn for a cat litter.

There are several benefits of using corn-based litter over the conventional one. A very important one is that it is safer and reduces the chances of getting dust.

Other aspects of World’s Best Cat Litter

You can find World’s Best Cat Litter in stores in Canada and the United States and online stores. The reviews we have been hearing seem to avail the company’s claim of a great product. We believe it is very well worth a try.

The company states that there are several reasons to pick this product:

Odor control

Smells produced by the cat’s regular processes stay in the bottom parts of the litter. This greatly reduces unwanted odors. It sounds like great news for those who love to sleep with their cats.

Clumping and scooping

A key element of a good litter is the ability to clump up feces and make it easy to pick up. This is what this product offers, making the cleaning process a breeze.


Other types of litter cannot be flushed down at the risk of obstructing sewage pipes. But since this product is made of natural corn, it is safe to flush down the drain. No more longg trips to the trashcan.

Light to carry

As it says up there, the density of this litter is less than conventional, reducing the physical effort during transportation inside the house.


Ingredients in World’s Best Cat Litter are mostly natural and eco-friendly. There are no added chemicals in this process.

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