Dog breeds: the Norwegian Elkhound characteristics

Friendly and pretty funny, the Norwegian Elkhound dog is a wolf-like dog that will become the delight of any home. He is bold, energetic, and dependent.

Friendly and pretty funny, the Norwegian Elkhound dog is a wolf-like dog that will become the delight of any home.  This energetic dog is bold and protective, making him an excellent watchdog and guardian.


The Norwegian Elkhound dog was originally bred to hunt moose and other big game. Their name makes them no honor since they are not hounds and they do not hunt elks.  This dog, created in Norway, can be traced back to several thousand years.  He probably originated in the year 5000 BCE.

Throughout history, this dog has been a part of the lives of Vikings and the Norwegian culture in general.  He has been used to guard flocks, herds, and homes.  Today, he makes a wonderful family pet and does great in many sports.  The AKC officially recognized it a breed in 1913.

Physical characteristics

This medium-sized dog has a squarely-built and sturdy body.   His coat is soft and sturdy with an undercoat.  The color of this coat is black and white, which is usually seen as gray or silver.  His head is broad and wedge-shaped and beautiful brown eyes.

The weight of a Norwegian Elkhound dog is 55 pounds for males and 48 pounds for females. They average 20.5 inches in height.


These intelligent dogs have a great sense of humor.  They like to be a part of your life and not necessarily underneath you in the chain of command.  He gets strongly attached to this family and is very loyal and protective of them.  This watchdog is not aggressive but his bark is strong enough to keep any intruder away.

Caring for a Norwegian Elkhound dog

The recommended exercise and/or walking time for a Norwegian Elkhound dog is 30 minutes twice a day.  This is not only for the sake of entertainment but also for exercising as this dog can become obese.  He can live in an apartment but consider that he barks loud and a lot.  This hardy can perfectly be on a house’s fenced backyard but he will be much happier inside with you.


This highly intelligent dog has a mind of his own and this can make training challenging.  He thinks of himself as being your par instead of your dog.  Offer strong and consistent hand and he should get it.

Crate training is important for his dog breed, especially for him not to get in trouble inside the house.

Fun facts

  • Skeletons of Norwegian Elkhounds have been found along with Viking remains and weapons.
  • These dogs are well known for their versatility.
  • There is no other dog with the stamina of a Norwegian Elkhound dog, especially in rugged terrain.

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