Dog vaccinations: stay on schedule with your dog vaccinations

Dog vaccinations: stay on schedule with your dog vaccinations

Dog vaccinations

Keeping up with dog vaccinations is important to guarantee your pet’s optimal health. They protect your dog from dangerous and even fatal dog diseases, hence, the importance of staying in schedule with these.

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Why are dog vaccinations important?

The principle behind dog vaccinations is the same as that for humans. Vaccines help dog’s immune system to effectively fight against disease. The antigens in vaccines simulate disease-causing organisms, triggering your immune system to identify them and tag them.

These antigens do not actually cause the disease in your dog but help your dog’s immune system to identify and easily eliminate them when the body gets infected with the real organisms. So, the function of vaccines is to help the immune system recognize the antigens when these become present in the organism. In other words, when the dog gets exposed to the real pathogens, the immune system will not allow an infection.

Which are the most important dog vaccines?

There are some vaccines that are core for newborn puppies. These are the most important vaccines based on factors such as the severity of the disease, the risk of passing it to other dogs, just a universal risk of exposure, or the relationship of the dog with other species, including humans.

The list and schedule of vaccinations will usually depend on geographic location, so the core ones will vary from place to place. If you want to know what your dog vaccinations schedule is, you should ask your veterinarian.

In general, though, the most important vaccines are core:

These vaccines will be applied by basically all veterinarians. Other non-core vaccines include:

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