How to play with cat and not die trying. Let’s find out!

How to play with cat and not die trying

How to play with cat

The time you play with cat is important since it helps you bond with your pet. The first rule of playing with the feline is to play what he likes. You don´t think the cat will enjoy playing football, now would you?

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How to play with cat

Cats might strike you as lazy ones who would never give up sleeping time for play time. But this is not true; cats enjoy playtime with their human subordinates. Check out the following tips to play with cat.

Catch and prey

Dogs have a hunting instinct that needs to be stimulated in order for the cat to have a happy and healthy life. To represent prey and play with your cat, you can use an interactive cat toys, such as a mouse on a string or a  feather wand.

Keep your fingers away

Ah, don’t we like the tickles from a biting kitten? The tiny teeth just feel so soothing! Yes, they might feel all the cute now but as your cat grows, it will become a danger. Trying to make a cat stop doing something they learned while a kitten is much more difficult when they are older.

Offer a better alternative to bad behavior

If your cat wants to play with something she is not supposed to, offer better alternatives to such cat behavior. For instance, if you notice that your cat likes to bite your ankles, show him a better alternative, a toy.

Let him win

When playing preying, let the cat win the prize. This means that you let her cath the mouse, for example. If she never gets to catch it, he will get frustrated and abandon the game.

Playing with cat at the proper time

Cats have cycles and you do well to know them. These cycles are mostly hunting, eating, and then sleeping. If your cat usually wakes you up in the middle of the night, some playtime before going to bed will help him have a good night sleep.

Having some playtime 15-20 minutes before dinner can stimulate appetite. Adapt to your cat’s particular steps.

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