Cat compulsive disorder: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Cat compulsive disorder: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Cat compulsive disorder

Cats will also display a form of repetitive behavior without purpose. Although it might seem like not, cat compulsive disorder is real and can even be classified into several types. Grooming to the point of rubbing off fur, eating on fabric, and repetitive vocalizations are only some of the signs of anxiety and compulsive behavior. Here is what you need to know about cat compulsive disorder.

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Causes of cat compulsive disorder

Some of the causes of this meaningless repetitive behavior include:

  • Stress due to changing surroundings;
  • A mental condition;
  • Stress due to confinement in the case of indoor cats;
  • Owner’s response to certain behavior. If the action is rewarded, it will become a habit until this action can no longer be controlled by the cat.

Symptoms of cat compulsive disorder

If you suspect that your cat is suffering some form of obsessive disorder, there are some signs that you should look at. The main starting point here is to detect a pattern of behavior that is not in context with the situation.

For example, your cat might start chasing prey that is not there or she is taking an excessive amount of time in grooming herself or chewing at something. The following are some types and symptoms of OCD in cats:

  • Grooming in excess;
  • Chewing on fabric;
  • Sucking;
  • Compulsive pacing;
  • Repetitive vocalization.

How to treat it

We say that a behavior becomes obsessive in a cat when he is no longer able to control it and affects sleeping and eating habits. When you observe this unusual pattern in a cat, the first thing you do is take him to the veterinarian.

The vet will start by ruling out any possible medical condition that could otherwise be causing the compulsive behavior. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, your veterinarian will prescribe some behavior-modification drugs.

At home, it is important to help reduce environmental stress. You can do this by reducing the number of unpredictable events and establishing a well-defined calendar for routine activities.

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