Dog lick face: Why do dogs lick human faces?

Dog lick face: Why do dogs lick human faces?

Dog lick face

Whenever a dog loves a human and feels connected to him, a dog lick face is in order. This is an instinct behavior they use to communicate with the people they trust. So, if you have your dog licking your face, you can tell he trusts you entirely.

When you get a dog lick face from your pooch, he is trying to tell you something, or maybe gather information from you, cleaning you, or maybe just for the enjoyment of licking you. Let’s explore some possible reasons why your dog will lick your face.

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Dogs follow a pack order and one way to show respect to the leader of a pack is to lick their face. They do this to indicate their submission to the pack. So, when your dog licks on your face, he is recognizing you as the leader of the pack.


Licking those they love is a functional behavior that puppies learn from their mother and siblings. When a mom licks her youngs, she strengthens the bond between her and her kitties. This is basically what your dog does when he licks your face, showing you his deep affection for you.


Dogs lick themselves to keep each other clean. If your dog licks your face frequently, he is constantly making sure that you are always clean.

Gathering information

Dogs have special receptors in their tongue that allows them to process and interpret molecules found in human sweat. That would explain why your dog licks you more than often if you are sweaty from the game or the run. With this information, they are able to determine what might be going on with you.


Another reason why dogs enjoy licking you when you’re sweaty is that it has a good twist in it to them. When you get a dog lick face from your pupper when you are sweaty, he is probably just enjoying the saltiness.


The act of licking releases pleasurable endorphins that usually gives them this sense of control and security. In other words, your dog will lick not only you face simply because he likes it.

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