Changes in Dog Behavior: what is causing them?

Changes in Dog Behavior: what is causing them?

Changes in Dog Behavior

Dogs are usually expressive and love to be around humans. So when there is a change in their mood, we can easily pick it up. Changes in dog behavior always have a reason and most of the time are related to some medical or emotional issue. Other times, it could be some little changes in their environment or an event taking place that cause changes in dog behavior.

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Changes in dog behavior: aggressiveness

Perhaps the most noticeable change in dog behavior is aggressiveness. Our once sweet pooch has become uneasy and barks violently at pretty much anything and anyone. But if you take a closer look, you will be able to identify what is causing this sudden change in his behavior.

There actually are some medical conditions that can be affecting your dog’s mood. These changes in behavior are more common as the dog becomes a senior and is afflicted by more diseases.

Other times, a dog may be fearful, or emotionally stressed. It is important that you know how to identify a change in mood on your pet in order to easily check for a change in his behavior.

Other changes in dog behavior to watch out for

  • Changes in appetite. When your dog has a decreasing appetite, it could be an indicator of many diseases. The same goes if he is eating more than usual;
  • Weight changes. Cancers, diabetes, thyroid disease, and many other conditions can be responsible for a change in your dog’s weight, regardless of the amount of food they are eating;
  • Lethargy in dogs. If your dog is usually very active and now does not seem to want to raise a paw, there is a reason for concern. Lethargy can be caused by emotional aspects such as moving, a change in external conditions, or a medical condition.

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