Why do dogs eat grass? Some theories about it

Why do dogs eat grass? Some theories about it

Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs have all sorts of nutritional needs. They mostly need protein to build up muscle so this is probably why they love meat so much. They can also get some carbs from fruits you might give him, which are, in turn, delicious. Other times, your dog eats grass. Wait? What? You probably have a dog eating grass that likes to go on cow mode from time to time. If you are concerned about why do dogs eat grass or why yours does, you can at least rest assured that most experts do not consider this an abnormal behavior. 

As stated before, dogs need all types of nutrients. So, if you feed him only meat, guess what? Your dog requires a salad as well and goes to the yard to get some. Who would think dogs were healthier eaters than us! Well, if only that were true. The truth is that we do not know for sure why dogs eat grass.

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Some theories

Since our dogs cannot tell us why the munch on the green, there are certain theories:

  • A very common idea among dog owners as to why do dogs eat grass is that they do it when they feel nauseated and to help them dog vomit. However, studies do not seem to support this idea at all. 
  • Another reason for the green diet could be that your dog is trying to supply for a nutrient deficiency. Now, of course, this would require your dog to know that he is missing fiber in his diet and that grass will supply it. We know dogs are smart but we probably did not know they were paying attention to Botany class. Actually, the fact that they cannot do that is why this option seems to not be reasonable either.
  • It could be instinct inherited from their ancestors. So, it should not come as a crazy idea that dogs actually like grass.
  • Studies also suggest that grass helps them get rid of parasites. Your dog then will instinctively eat grass to increase intestinal motility.  
  • One very accepted theory explains that dogs eat grass only for the pleasure of it. In studies conducted in pandas, who only eat bamboo, scientist discovered that chewing bamboo released dopamine, which is associated with a feeling of pleasure. In simple words, your dog loves to chew on the grass because it produces him dopamine-related pleasure.

What do I do with a dog eating grass?

As you can see, there is no apparent danger in letting your dog go green. But if you do not want a dog eating grass, make sure he is eating properly. You might need to change his diet for dogs or balance it a little more.  

If your dog eats grass and does not vomit, he is most probably doing it out of boredom. Take some time to play frisbee or fetch with your pet. Have some fun together.   

If you notice that your dog is eating grass too much and vomits every time, you should call your vet. In Dogalize, you will find an interactive guide with veterinarians closer to your locality. Plus, we have tons of resources on how to take better care of your dog and everything related to dogs.