Aggressive dog: 5 reasons that make your dog aggressive

aggressive dog

Aggressive dog – When a dog shows aggressive he will bear his teeth, growl, lunge, and bark. If your dog shows this behavior, trying to control it can be frustrating as it is an episode where your dog seems to lose control. Check out five reasons why dogs are aggressive and what to do in every case.

One way to figure out how to stop a dog aggressive behavior is by knowing what is actually causing this aggressiveness. Hence, the importance of reasons why dogs are aggressive. The following are some of these causes.

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Aggressive dog: Fear

A dog will display aggressive behavior when he is in a helpless situation of danger, or cannot escape. In other words, your dog is expressing fear. If this aggression is temporary, it might simply mean that your dog perceived it was in danger. If your dog reacted different to a situation, you might want to check the possible reason for that.

Aggressive dog: Sickness

Pain is a very common cause of aggression in dogs. Usually, when a dog is ill, he is in pain and will become aggressive. There are many health conditions that will bring pain to your dog and it is more common in senior dogs.

In the case of senile dogs, aggression can be caused by canine cognitive dysfunction or dog dementia.

Aggressive dog: Dominance establishment

It is more common for dogs to establish dominance aggressively towards other dogs. However, it can be towards humans as well. A dog will usually display this behavior when he senses that his dominance is being challenged.

In this case, just let your dog be after you have ruled out sickness or fear as the cause of aggression.

Aggressive dog: Frustration

This type of aggression is actually transferred. For example, whenever a dog is unable to do something, he will transform his frustration into aggression. This is his way of dealing. This type of aggression is often seen in dogs that are restrained or leashed for long periods of time.

Aggressive dog: Possession aggression

This type of aggression happens when a dog becomes too possessive about food, a toy, bed, or some other object. Dogs might growl when someone comes to close to their food, toy or territory.

There you have the top 5 reasons why dogs are aggressive. Always avoid punishment and harsh response when you see your dog acting aggressively.

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Image credits: pixabay