Dog Images Here, There, and Everywhere

Dog Images

Dog Images Here, There, and Everywhere – Because there are very few things that can make you either smile, cry, or go “aww” the way dog images do, let’s take a look at some of them.  The great thing about dog images is that they are all candid since dogs do not really have the tendency to pose.

So there you have a picture of a pooch in its natural state.  Maybe they are jumping, running, making a funny face, or simply sitting pretty.  Either way, there is always something entertaining about dog images.

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Funny Dog Images

Dogs have this thing in them that makes them look awfully funny.  This is why when we capture them, they appear to be either smiling or pretty goofy.

Very few things are able to cheer up someone the way a funny dog picture can do.  This kind of reminds us that there are things in life that are worth smiling for.

As a matter of fact, not only the dogs themselves can be used to cheer up someone in depression or deeply sad.  The image of our own dog on a funny pose, either smiling, playing, jumping all around, or with the foot-long tongue out, will probably also tear off at least a grin from a depression patient.

Cute Dog Images

We have explained before why pictures of dogs seem so cute to us.  In nature, our pets are truly fur balls who are all innocence and cuteness.  We just find their images pretty darn cute.

Dogs seem cuter when they are puppies.  These fluffy animals make you just want to hug them!

Nostalgic Dog Images

But some pictures of dogs can also bring about nostalgia sentiments of sadness.  But not the kind of sadness that brings about depression.  Instead, it is a combination of sadness and joy.

If our dog is passed away, we will feel sadness at the loss of a faithful friend, but we will feel the joy to know that he is in a better place.

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