Dog muzzle: When, why, and how should you use it?

Dog muzzle

Dog muzzle: When, why, and how should you use it? – The thought of putting a dog muzzle on a pet can be unsettling for some. Many questions arise. Can he breathe properly? Is he comfortable? For how long is it convenient to use it? What is the best type of muzzle to use?

Experts agree that despite how “inhumane” it might be to put a muzzle on a dog, there are situations in which this is necessary. They not only protect other people but also the dog himself. In some places, it is against the law to take certain breeds of dog for a walk without wearing a dog muzzle.

So, it is important to know when to use a dog muzzle and how to use it.

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When should your pet use a dog muzzle?

Obviously, dog muzzles were not designed to be worn all the time. The following are some situations in which you might want your dog to wear one:

  • When required by law. As stated before, some breeds are required to wear muzzles when they are outside, even on a leash. If such legislation applies to the place you live, find out if your dog’s breed is on the list.
  • When there is a risk of biting. This can be a threatening situation that is putting your dog in a lot of tension. If you feel that your dog might bite someone out of stress, temporarily place a muzzle on him.
  • A medical emergency. An injured dog or one in pain might bite due to severe pain or fear.
  • Grooming sessions. Some dogs will just never get used to being bathed and groomed. To avoid getting hurt, place a muzzle every time they get groomed, especially if you take him to the pet groomer.

Type of dog muzzle

The first thing that you should look into is that the muzzle you get for your pet fits him snuggly but not loose enough for him to remove it. There are two main types you could choose from:

  • Soft muzzle: They are made of fabric, such as mesh or nylon. They are not too comfortable and they usually do not provide space for your dog to pant.
  • Basket muzzle: It is rigid and does allow panting and even water-drinking. To prevent bites, a wire one is recommended for big dogs and a plastic one for smaller dogs.

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