Dog Training: how to stop from jumping on guests

dog training

Dog Training – Whenever you have visitors, your dog has taken the duty of “greeting” them. They do this by jumping on them. Not a major problem if your pup is a pug or a Chihuahua. A larger dog is actually a problem. So, how to stop the dog from jumping on guests?

According to experts, one of the reasons for which a dog jumps over a guest is to let them know that he is the one in charge of this territory. In other cases, it is just an expression of how joyful they are as well to have visitors. But your guests do not appreciate this behavior as it can be very scary for them, especially if they are not dog people.

Here are some ideas of what you can do.

Dog Training: Establish yourself as the pack leader

The first step into how to stop the dog from jumping on guests is to establish yourself as the pack leader. In fact, dogs need this leadership because they need someone to take them out of the confusion associated with not knowing what to do.

If the dog sees the leader is nowhere to be seen, then he will take in that role. This is not good for you or the dog.

Dog Training: Correct his behavior

One important trait of a pack leader is that he asserts energy in a calm manner. If your dog is exhibiting such behavior, very calmly move the dog away. If he has identified you as the leader, he will get the message an eventually make amends.

Dog Training: Keep the affection away from the door

If you shower your dog with affection at the entrance, he will learn that this is a place of excitement where jumping on people is allowed. So, you want to know how to stop the dog from jumping on guests? Do not celebrate or condone it at the door.

Dog Training: Ask your dog to sit

Whenever guests arrive, command your dog to sit. He will follow your command as he understands that the pack leader does not suggest, he commands.

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