Cat breeds: American Curl cat Characteristics and Personality

Cat breeds: American Curl Cat Characteristics and Personality

American Curl Cat

The American Curl cat is a sweet feline with distinctive ears. This is one awe-striking cat that will produce a smiley expression to whoever comes across one. They are original from Lakewood, California, probably as the result of spontaneous mutation.


It started in 1981 (yes, this breed is pretty young) when Joe and Grace Ruga were found by stray cats with curled ears at their front door. They called the female Sulamith. This one had a litter of four kittens from an unknown father, two of which shared her curly ears.

It was later shown that Sulamith’s curled ears were caused by a dominant trait. By 1983, cat fanciers started to breed this beautiful cat with curled ears.  This is how the American Curl cat came to be. In 1986, the breed was registered by the Cat Fanciers Association. Today, even though he is not well known, it can be found in the United States, Japan, Spain, Russia, and in many other countries where they were brought in.

Physical Characteristics

The American Curl cat can be of two types: longhaired and shorthaired. Both types share the silky and soft coat. This is one medium-sized cat that weighs 5 to 10 pounds.


American Curls love people and love to be around them. Even further, they love to play with kids, which is unusual for a cat. They are moderately active, curious, and smart. They will greet you with a head bump against your leg when you come from home.

Remember that these cats are smart, which means that they enjoy mind-challenging games such as puzzles.

Caring for an American Curl cat

Having an American Curl as a pet is a delight. They do not meow too much but, instead, will silently ask for your attention.

Either it is shorthaired or longhaired, grooming is not that difficult. As with most cats, try to keep the pet indoors to avoid him from getting infected by any external disease.

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