Pet poison: things in the house that can kill pets

Pet poison: things in the house that can kill pets. What should I search for in my house? Keep an eye on this 10 things, common but deadly!

Pet poison: things in the house that can kill pets. What should I search for in my house?

Most of the owners, that we can call “responsible“, try to avoid to leave at the availability of their pets all home goods that we can consider as pet poison.

Unfortunately, there are some “normal” goods that we use almost daily that can be very dangerous for all dog breeds and cat breeds.

Pet poison: avoid the “I didn’t knew”!

Some of them are really unpredictable: discover here what they are and how can we prevent the poisoning of our pets!

  1. Ibuprofen: the common medicine that we use to cure our colds can actually be dangerous for our pets. Ibuprofen can cause intestinal and kidney damage.
  2. Pet medications: the medications are good for our pets, but we must give them just what they need in the right moment. An overdose of medicines can be fatal!
  3. Grapes-raisins: this food can be extremely dangerous also in low quantity. Some studies demonstrated that 7 grapes can be deadly. Also onion and garlic are dangerous, mostly for the cats.
  4. Sugar-free gums and mints: those candies contain xylitol, that can cause liver failure and low blood sugar.
  5. Chocolate: that food is very dangerous. The darker the chocolate is, the more dangerous: it can cause vomiting, diarrhea and heart failure. Also coffee and other caffeinated drinks can cause the same damages.
  6. Alcohol: never share a beer with your dog; also a small amount of alcohol can be deadly, or cause respiratory problems.
  7. Lilies: many plants are dangerous to animals, but lilies are the most ones. If a cat eats a small amount of lily, it can get a severe kidney damage.
  8. Batteries: never leave a battery near your dog or cat. If eaten, the acid contained can cause severe damages. Avoid them like you basically avoid the acid itself!
  9. Christmas trees: if possible, try to avoid metal decorations or similar objects. Also the water used to feed the tree can have fertilizers, also dangerous.
  10. Citronella candies: you can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea to your dog if you try to avoid mosquitoes. Avoid to put them on your pet’s availability!

Those are the 10 most common things that we can find in our house and that are dangerous – sometimes deadly – for your dog or cat. For more news or just to have fun, stay with us in Dogalize!