Cat breeds: the Scottish Fold cat characteristics and behavior

Cat breeds: the Scottish Fold cat characteristics and behavior

The Scottish Fold cat

When you see a Scottish Fold cat, it is easy to realize that his name comes from his folded ears. This cat loves to be around people and participate in family activities.


The story of the Scottish Fold cat begins in a barn on the Tayside region of Scotland in 1961. This was the year in which a William Ross, a shepherd interested in cats, noticed Susie, a white cat with unusually folded ears. Susie had earned the reputation of being a great mouser.

Susie had a litter of kittens with a local cat. Ross was able to keep one of these kittens. He called her Snooks and she had kittens. One of these kittens was crossed to a British Shorthair. The breeding of folded ear cats then started.

The first Scottish Fold cats were imported to the US in 1971. Most cat associations in the United States recognized them as a breed by the mid 1970s.

Physical characteristics

Most of the Scottish Fold cats are born with folded ears. Those who also have the folded gene will see their ears fold usually within 21 days. The first cats had only one fold but crossing through time has made the ears fold twice or even thrice making the ears look almost completely flat against the head. Scottish Folds with non-folded ears are known as Straights.

The Scottish Fold cat is a medium-sized cat that weighs between 6 and 9 pounds in the case of females and 9 to 13 pounds for males. The length of the coat can be short or long with basically any color combination, including white.


These cats usually hold weird poses. For starters, they like to sleep on their backs. The usually sit down like frogs and acquire some other strange poses. This smart and moderately active cat uses his ears to communicate, usually accompanying his message with soft chirps.

Nothing pleases a Scottish Fold cat more than spending time with his humans. He enjoys attention and does not do well if left alone for too long time.

Caring for a Scottish Fold cat

Plan to spend time with this attention-seeking cat. He will follow you anywhere just to be close to you. Provide challenging toys to entertain them and mentally challenge them. Comb his coat weekly to remove dead hair. A longhaired coat can tangle, so these will need an extra weekly grooming.

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