Preventing ear infection in your dog

Preventing ear infection in your dog: make sure it doesn't gets sick!

Preventing ear infection in your dog: make sure it doesn’t gets sick!

Your dog´s ear is a very delicate place in his body. It is home to a number of dirt and bacteria. Several types of germs could be housed inside your dog´s ear. All these situations make ear infection in dogs a common place and most dogs suffer it.

Causes of ear infection

Before thinking about preventing ear infection, it is necessary to know what causes them. Most of the time, the ear canal becomes moist from swimming or bathing. This creates an infection spot where humidity inside the ear canal fosters the growth of diverse microorganisms.
But it is not always about what you can or cannot do. There are other external factors that are hard to control. If your dog has allergies to environmental factors like pollen, or to food. Allergies cause inflammations in the skin, which allow overgrowth of bacteria and yeast.
Other agents that may cause ear infections in your dog are ear mites, excessive hair, hypothyroidism, or a foreign body.

How do I know my dog has an ear infection?

Check out the following symptoms that will help you identify an ear infection. Take your dog to the veterinarian if you notice any of the following:
• Incessant scratching of the ear area.
• Odor in the ear.
• Redness.
• Rubbing ear against furniture.
• Loss of balance.
• Walking in circles.
• Head shaking or tilting.
• Loss of hearing.
Preventing ear infections
Before symptoms show up, preventing ear infections is the best way to go. In the best of your efforts, effectively dry the area surrounding the ear after a bath or grooming. In fact, place cottons on your dog´s ear to reduce the chances of moisture entering the canal.
Unlike humans, a dog´s ear canal is more vertical and foreign agents can more easily enter. Make periodic cleanings of your dog’s ears. Use a swab to effectively clean the outside of the ear. Do not insert the swab inside. You might push dirt, wax, and moisture into the eardrum. Plus, you will startle your dog and hurt him in the process.
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