Cat breeds: the Tonkinese cat characteristics and behavior

The Tonkinese cat is an elegant breed with a live and playful personality. They make great pets for a family looking for a cat to be playing with.

The Tonkinese cat is an elegant cat breed with a live and playful personality.  Having one of these is a guarantee of having someone close to one and ready to play.


The Tonkinese cat was developed from the mix between the Siamese and Burmese cats.  According to historians, the first time this cat was seen was in the Tonkin area of Indochina during the 1880s.  In 1930, the cat breed made it to the United States, namely San Francisco.   This cat then became the foundation for not only the Tonkinese cat but also the Burmese cat.

Physical characteristics

This cat is medium-sized and has a muscular and slim body.  It is actually heavier than it appears, weighing between 6 and 20 pounds.  Their coat is very short, silky, and soft.

The colors of the coat can be champagne, blue, platinum, and natural.  Some associations in Europe do accept other colors.  These colors can be displaced in any of the three types of coat pattern:  point, which is the classic Siamese-like face; solid which is very similar to that of the Burnham; and mink, which is pretty much an intermediate of the first two.

The color of this cat’s coat will depend on whether the cat lives in the light or dark.  In a cooler climate, the cat develops darker colors while it goes the other way around during the summer.  They have striking eye color, aqua in the mink being the most impressive one.


These cats are very intelligent and curious, traits that obey to the Siamese side of this cat.  The Burmese cat contributes to their playful and outgoing personality.   They can become mischievous little creatures always looking around seeking for something to investigate.  This cat is recommended for families that will enjoy an active and playful cat.

Caring for a Tonkinese cat

These cats need to be entertained as they have a very active personality. Consider bringing in home two Tonkinese cats so that they can make company to each other.  Good dental care is really important for these cats as you need to watch out for gingivitis.  They do not shed too much and you probably only need to brush him once a week.

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