Cat GIF: let’s see some popular cat gifs



As proper rulers of the internet, a cat gif is one you will find everywhere in the web universe. Videos of cats permeate the internet up, down, and beyond. Whenever you want to find a way to express your feelings in a feline way, you just need to look for the proper cat gif.

(Popular cat gifts: Maru inside a box…)

Some popular cat gifs

All right, so let’s get down and straight to business. The following are some of the most popular cat gif. They have ranked there based on how many times they have been used.   These gifs range from funny to silly, exciting, and aggressive.  When a cat gif makes it to the front page of Reddit, it is prone to becoming viral.

Some of the most popular gifs include this cat that loves to knock off everything they put on that table. He is simply not taking anything on that table.

How about this cat getting brushed by these four edited hands. Ah, that´s paradise.

Shaquille O’neal shows off his body shaking skills along with this cat. This is one cat gif that you have certainly seen before.

This white cat staring at his wiggling tail can make your day anytime.

It does not get any cuter than this cat inside a crate surrounded by beautiful white chicks.

Nothing funnier than this cat trying to make this huge jump but failing epically.

The best cat gifs

The following is a list of the best cat gifs in the cat gif history.

The cat caught stealing from a drawer, a cat fighting with something on the sheets that only he seems to see, Maru inside a box, a feline that seems to enjoy getting wet in the sink.

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